Monthly Archives: April 2014


I am lying here in this private hospital room (because someone with a special condition needed the other room) and I am sad and missing so many people in my life. I have been here for a week and I have created a routine for myself. For the weeks before I entered the hospital, I had created a routine that helped me cope with stress and pain. Every day I watched episodes of the best situation comedy ever: The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

I have watched this show since it premiered in 1970. In fact, I have watch this classic multiple times and I have never gotten bored with it. Even though it is a show from the seventies it still stands out as a brilliantly written sitcom with a very funny cast.

This show is not just about Mary Tyler Moore, it is not just a show about female friendships and it is really not a show about the workplace. This sitcom encompasses the world of the 70’s and somehow works in today’s world. When you step into Mary’s apartment you are blasted with yellow and orange. Mary’s closet could possibly be bigger than her kitchen. They talk about money and how much men make in their annual salaries. A man who makes 30,000 dollars a year is rolling in the dough and a man who makes 13,000 dollars a year is doing pretty well for himself and is quite a catch. They have just started to discuss how low Mary’s salary is (but I think that is coming up pretty soon).

All I can tell you is that Mary and company make me feel good and for that short time each day I forget why I am lying in bed with the heating pad and I am grateful that I can still see this show today. I have just started to watch the second season and I want to watch all of them. I have begun a television list of shows I want to see because they give me a bundle of joy and I am also going to make a list of movies a that I want to see one more time. I will try very hard to keep in contact with you through the blog and I think it will be easier when I get home.

This was Jane’s 208th post and I am sorry to tell you it was her last. She is in the hospital again after being home for just three days. Jane is very, very weak, has trouble speaking and cannot dictate me to write down her thoughts to share them with you.

When Jane started her blog in 2011 she couldn’t imagine she would write so much about such a small country. Jane was very happy in The Netherlands and felt at home. I have been very fortunate I was the reason why she moved here. She gave up her job, social life, friends, country and home. All for love. She is still a very strong woman but can’t win this battle she is fighting.

On behalf of Jane I want to thank you all very much for reading her stories and boekentips.

She will be deeply missed.