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In the bedroom

Well, this has been an interesting week. On Wednesday morning I was expecting a nurse to come to the take my blood for a blood test. I was in a deep sleep and I heard the buzzer and for whatever reason, jerked to the right and I felt something pull or pop in my right leg. That shock of pain took my breath away but I knew I had to get up and let the person in. What I quickly realized is that I could barely walk on my right leg. When I got to the door it was the delivery man with a box of protein drinks who I was not expecting. At that point I thought I was either going to pass out or fall into this man’s arms. Finally I dragged myself, holding on to the wall, back to the bedroom and when I sat on the bed I realized I could not get my legs up on to the bed. I tried to control the panic that was about to begin to bubble and I called my partner and asked her to come home from work. So I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for either the nurse or my partner Natascha.

Fifteen minutes later the nurse arrived and that meant I had to get up again, starting hugging the wall for a second time and letting her in. She followed me into the bedroom and we both sat on the bed as she setup the equipment. I felt horrible and I was trying so hard to be brave. She finally asked me if I was okay and I tried to explain to her what happened. Her English wasn’t very good but she understood me enough to help me get my feet up on the bed. She was having trouble finding big enough veins and finally I asked her to get me a juice box from the kitchen. She left and within five minutes Natascha arrived.

I will not go into all the details but I was in a lot of pain and it was very difficult to get out and back into the bed. We believed nothing had been broken. The discussion that I did not want to happen, happened. And it was all about getting a hospital bed. I was really upset with the idea. In fact I hated the idea. A friend came to visit and I explained to her what happened and told her my resistance to the hospital bed. But she is a smart woman (need I say she is a librarian?) and she said to me “Jane, the hospital bed will not  just be easier for you but it will be much better for Natascha.” So a hospital bed was ordered, the doctor came to see me in the afternoon and she believed it was a pulled muscle and getting the new bed was the right thing to do. On Friday the bed arrived and I am now laying in this new spacious bed. I am not 100 percent in love with it but I see the benefits of it. So that has been the drama in my week.

Next week I look forward finding out if I am a candidate for pain treatment or any other kind of treatment. I will keep you posted.


So here is the truth…….

In December I had stomach and back pain which I thought was completely unrelated. My stomach was uncomfortable and sensitive to touch and I felt I needed to eat a lot of antacid. I thought that my back was hurting because of the way I was using the computer so much. Things did not improve so late January I went to see my doctor. She didn’t like the amount of pain I was in and was also mystified by the symptoms. She arranged for me to have an ultra sound the next day.

That day changed my life, as I had an ultra sound and a CT scan. Things moved very quickly and I was told that I would be seeing a liver specialist the next week. During the month of February it was confirmed that my liver was filled with cancer and that it was malignant. If that wasn’t bad enough I was told that the type of cancer that I had is so unique that it’s impossible to treat.

Needless to say this blog has now changed. I will write, when I can, about this process and be honest with you with how things are going. I have some good days and some pretty bad days but I am receiving lots of love and support from friends and family. I think this will be the best way to keep you up to date about my life, by putting it all in the blog.

To be continued….