If I hear that Wally Lamb has a new book out, I know I will read it. I don’t even have to know the plot, if he has written a novel, I know I must read it. Wally Lamb is a great storyteller and I have always enjoyed his novels: SHE’S COME UNDONE, I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE and THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED. He has also written a short novel that is full of charm and very different from his other works: WISHIN’ AND HOPIN’: A CHRISTMAS STORY.
WE ARE WATER is the story of one family and the many years that secrets are held onto. After 27 years of marriage, Annie and Orion divorce. This has a great impact on their three children and the surprise gets bigger when they find out that their mother is going to marry a woman. In this novel, we hear from all the members of this family, as they each tell their story and the novel moves from the past to the current day.
The strength of Lamb’s writing has always been his creation of characters. They are believable and feel very real. The only weakness I found in this novel, was that it could have been a little shorter, maybe a little more editing. But his books are always long and that is not a surprise. Overall, it is a gripping and entertaining story and it kept my interest to the very last page.

I finally saw GRAVITY and can say that it certainly matched the hype. It has a great script, great cast and fabulous special effects. I don’t think there was one second where my mind drifted or was distracted. Very compelling.

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  • krunn7  On November 18, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    I also am a Wally Lamb fan and will watch for the new one as that is exactly what happened to our minister. His wife is now with a woman and the teenage daughters have had to adjust. I want to read it just to have more understanding of that kind of situation. It broke his heart but he has moved on and the daughters are gone to university. They seem to have been able to honour each other and move on while affirming each other’s worth.

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