This will be a very short post and I must say, that the title is just perfect for the way I am feeling. I have a bad cold and am not feeling too great right now.  A cold in America feels just the same as a cold In The Netherlands. There is one big difference: the medicines. In America you can find shelves on top of shelves of cold remedies, it is an embarrassment of riches. Here, there are plenty of choices, but not as many as in the USA and not all the same brands. There is a possibility that Americans might medicate more than the Dutch…could that be true? Oh yes, I really do think so.

So I am set up with boxes of tissues, cough syrup, aspirin and lozenges (that I get from America) and I just had a good bowl of Dutch soup.  I will live to write another blog, whether that is good news or not.

The real reason for me being clueless is that I started my first class of the semester this week. This is the second level of Dutch and it is much harder than the first class. The teacher, who I adore, only speaks Dutch and nothing else. So imagine having the Dutch language explained to you in Dutch, getting directions in Dutch and answering questions in Dutch. There is no wiggle room with English, Dutch or nothing. Only at the end of the class, after three hours of Dutch, could I ask the teacher a homework question in English.

The students seem very nice and likely as confused as I am, or maybe a little less. I did not hear all the countries represented, but we have people from the Ukraine, Brazil, India, Czech Republic ,England, Cuba and many more.  We all know that we are in this together and that we have to improve our Dutch skills.  Now, the challenge for me is to do homework with a very cloudy head, as I sniff, cough and sneeze all over the textbook. American germs on a Dutch book.

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  • Karen shapiro  On September 26, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Feel better soon, Jane! And good luck with learning a new language!

  • Wendy  On October 3, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    I hope you feel better soon. And good luck with your class. Sounds brutal!

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