I have often said how much I enjoy reading a new author. It is like I have made a new friend that not everyone has met yet. Then, when I have finished the book and have loved it, I have to tell everyone about it. I feel as a librarian it is my responsibility to get the word out about this author.  Not only do I love to recommend books, I love getting book suggestions from friends. You never know what it will lead to.

Recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she loved a new book from England. This friend is the highly regarded (and super nice) writer Sarah McCoy and so I took her suggestion very seriously. I knew she must have really loved the book, as she is quoted on the back cover. Let me just say, Sarah was so right!  The book is HOUSE OF TIDES by Hannah Richell and it is was simply a pleasure to read. If you like British family sagas, then you will love this. If you are fan of Rosamund Pilcher (now that is a name from the past) then you will definitely enjoy this book. Most of the book takes place on the British coast, so it is a perfect book for summer, but no matter when you read this, you will thoroughly enjoy Richell’s fabulous story about one family over one decade and the secrets that are held onto and finally revealed.

Now that we are in the middle of summer, it is time to promote the new books coming out this fall. It is quite exciting to see many famous authors listed and I am sure that you have your favorites. I have already made my wish list and am eager to get these books into my hands. Remember, this is just a sampling of some returning authors.

  • MaddAddam – Margaret Atwood
  • Bridget Jones Mad about the boy – Helen Fielding
  • Songs of Willow Frost – Jamie Ford
  • Just one evil act – Elizabeth George
  • Signature of all things – Elizabeth Gilbert
  • W is for wasted – Sue Grafton
  • Sycamore Row – John Grisham
  • Doctor Sleep – Stephen King
  • The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri
  • We are water – Wally Lamb
  • Dissident Gardens – Jonathan Lethem
  • Who asked you? – Terry McMillan
  • Valley of amazement – Amy Tan
  • Identical – Scott Turow

What names popped out to you? What names got you excited?  For me, there were many reasons to get excited, but anytime that Wally Lamb is on a booklist is GREAT news. There are many authors that I dearly love and I am sure that is the same for you. One of the best things about being a reader is that there is such a variety of books to choose from. All books published are not for everyone. So if on this list, you find one of two that make you smile or curious, then that is a good thing. The other good thing is that there are so many talented writers that we are familiar with, but what about the ones we don’t know about? That is what is such a thrill, making that discovery of a new author, like Hannah Richell. The joy of reading comes in many ways, the book that is like an old friend and the brand new writer who was a pleasure to meet. Something for everyone.

Recommended reading:  BROOKLYN by Colm Toibin. I read this book when it first came out and am now rereading it for book group. I really like the way he writes and this is such a good story about a young Irish woman moving to Brooklyn in the 1950’s and then going home again. By the way, there is a Dutch town called Breukelen and when the Dutch came to America they founded Brooklyn, New York and named it after their town in the Netherands. By the way, BROOKLYN will soon be made into a film.



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  • Aledys Ver  On August 8, 2013 at 7:56 am

    Certainly something for everyone on that list. I am particularly curious about the Grisham book, as I have to confess that I’ve never read anything by him. Thanks for sharing this list and your recommendations!

  • Jean Langley  On August 11, 2013 at 2:51 am

    I highly recommend the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce. It is her first book, though I remember the jacket copy mentioning that she has done other kinds of writing. Scripts maybe? It’s a hard title to remember, but an even harder story to forget. Harold, recently retired, gets a letter from a long ago co-worker whom he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. She is in a hospice, dying, and thought he might want to know. He goes to post a letter in reply, but then keeps walking. He makes up his mind he is going to walk over 500 miles to tell her what he should have told her in person long ago. Along the way he has plenty of time to review not only the time he knew this woman, but also about his marriage and his son. The writing is beautiful, and the story is a real charmer (like the Elegance of the Hedgehog, The Last Stand of Major Pettigrew). Yes, it is sad. I finished it before work and still had red eyes when I went in, but it is ultimately joyful and uplifting.

  • janeduttonutrecht  On August 11, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Jean, this is a great book. and the good news is that Rachel Joyce has a new book out, Perfect. I cannot wait to read that one.

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