Do you remember when you were young getting into the back seat of the family car? Do you remember the feeling of not knowing where you were going, but you didn’t care because you were going somewhere? Your parents were going shopping, visiting friends, or just driving around looking at houses… you just knew that you were on your way.

Reading MAY WE BE FORGIVEN has a similar feel. I wanted to read this book because the reviews were out of this world. I really did not know that much about the plot, I was curious to see how good this book was. So I buckled in for an adventure of the unknown and A.M. Holmes took me on a ride that was full of surprises.

Harry is a Nixon scholar and does not have much of a personal life. His brother George is the one with the big job and house, the beautiful wife and children. But George has always been a bully to Harry and others, and his aggression has only gotten worse. An act of violence changes many lives, including the future of the brothers. Harry has to face an enormous amount of changes in his life and he now becomes part of the New York suburbs. He now becomes a caretaker.

But Harry also follows impulses, and some of them are dangerous. As Harry goes through this significant year, we see him grow and become a good man. With a cast of characters that come in and out of his life, Harry has created a family and a new community.

MAY WE BE FORGIVEN is very funny. It can be called a dark comedy or just satire. But no matter what, this is a book that entertains you and leads you into some emotional moments. And that is because Holmes puts the reader right into the story and makes us feel a connection with Harry and the other characters who are created with much depth and humor.

Loved, loved this book. It is a big book, but a fast book. If you are making a list of books to read this summer, put this at the top.

Recommended viewing: British television just began another season of Hercule Poirot mysteries starring David Suchet. I just saw the first episode of the season, and for you mystery fans, it was quite good. Lots of fun, as usual. And where is Mr. Poirot from? My country neighbor—Belgium.

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  • Terri D'Orsaneo  On June 17, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Thanks for the book review! Your opening brought back memories for me, too! Yes, it was fun and such an adventure to climb into the car and just go wherever my folks would take us. Those were the days! I enjoyed your post! Wishing you a good week ahead!

  • judy savage  On June 26, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    It brought back memories for me as well. My father was always trying to find new back roads he had never driven on and see where they would come out. The best part was driving West and stopping at the State Line Potato Chip factory where we could buy a very large bag of still-warm chips. And, of course, Friendly’s Ice Cream which was new at the time. These breaks were even more wonderful because I could get out of the smoke-filled car. Both my parents smoked and I can’t stand cigarette smoke to this day. I actually used to walk into Friendly’s and ask to be seated in the non-smoking section (before this came into being) and the hostess would give me a blank look. I am so thrilled that smoking is no longer allowed in restaurants so I can enjoy my meal and my time there.

    As for the book, I picked it up at GFL yesterday and am finding myself drawn to sit down and read it. Sign of a good book, indeed.


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