Recently we went to the province of Zeeland and visited its capital city, Middelburg. This is a beautiful old (what isn’t old in this country?) city that was bombed during the second world war. The city rebuilt the buildings using the same historical designs, so that it is hard to tell what are the “new” buildings and what are the really truly old buildings. Here is the  city hall that was built in 1520 and in 1940 the entire inside of the hall was burned. The outside was saved, but the inside was totally destroyed.  Today the city hall is only used for weddings and since 2004, it is the home of the Roosevelt Academy. This is a small liberal arts college and has many international students. The school was named after Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.


Here is a photo showing us that we are in a modern city. This Erotica Shop had quite a full window display and lots of people did not hesitate to stop and look. Me? I was discreetly many yards away.


Dutch towns and cities have unusual names for their streets. This one is literally called “Choirchurchstreet” which I thought was kind of different. Then I realized that on either side of this sign were two bars.  Then it just seemed so perfect.


This bronze woman is inviting people to sit next to her and have their photograph taken together. It sits right in front of a souvenir shop as you can see some wooden shoes in the background.


The tower is called Long John. It is super tall but not as tall as the Domtoren in Utrecht (which is still the tallest tower in the country). This tower can be seen from many miles away. No matter where we traveled in Zeeland, it seemed like we could see this tower.


As we left Middelburg, we drove on this road and it was so beautiful. I wanted you all to see these wonderful houses and the water. A typical Dutch street and view.  In the next blog, I will be sharing photos from the seaside.


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  • Aledys Ver  On May 31, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Looks wonderful, Jane! I liked Middelburg avlot when I was there and by looking at your pictures I feel like going there again!

  • Shers Gallagher  On June 1, 2013 at 10:42 am

    I live close to Middelburg and have worked in its charming city on and off for several years. In fact, I was on the initial Roosevelt Academy team, doing translations of its press releases as well as its first course catalogue the year this English-oriented university opened its doors. BTW, RASA has recently changed its name to University College Roosevelt because of certain individuals confusing it for a gymnasium rather than a university. Not only can one receive an honours BA but also BSc degree at UCR in the three fields of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences and the harder Sciences. One must also be careful when simply referring to such an establishment of higher learning as a ‘college’, as colleges here are really considered MBO educational facilities much like community colleges in the States. Lovely photos you took, regardless. Cheers

  • janeduttonutrecht  On June 1, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Thank you, Shers, for your insight. you are right about the word college, I easily slip into that term and it is not thought of as the same here. thanks for posting.

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