THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Meyers

Three women, who are not related or even friends, have a bond that becomes tied and twisted into a fantastic novel.  Tia had an affair with a married man and after they broke up, she gave birth to their child, which she gave up for adoption. It is now five years later and Tia has not emotionally moved on from giving the baby away and the break up. Caroline is the adopted mother who is struggling to balance her career with motherhood and having a hard time admitting that maybe she does not have any maternal instincts. She loves her daughter, but is struggling to find joy in being a mother and her husband has no idea how unhappy she is. Juliette is the wife of Nathan, who is the man who had the affair with Tia and fathered Savannah. She becomes preoccupied with the idea that her husband, who has been forgiven for the affair, now has a daughter.

These characters are believable because they have fears and flaws. They are people who are vulnerable and have no idea what to do about it. They live life, it seems, at full speed. Only when the women start to meet each other and start confronting the hidden truths, do their lives slow down just enough so that they can take a closer look at themselves.

THE COMFORT OF LIES is an intimate story and readers will feel personally involved in the character’s lives. It is such a wonderful experience to read a book that is so well written and that such care is taken with each character. You will find yourself thinking about them and how the complications can be worked out. And here is the best news of all: the book has a terrific ending. How many times have you read a good story and been disappointed by the ending? How many times have you felt let down by the writer? In this novel, Randy Susan Meyers give us a thoughtful and realistic ending that is happily satisfying.

There is much comfort in covering up our feelings and not telling the truth. The truth can be very unsettling and it even makes you work even harder, on yourself. Being honest with yourself and with others is not always an easy process and yet, ultimately, it is a relief to unburden yourself. The lies we tell each other and ourselves can give us temporary comfort, but they don’t seem to last too long. That is why this book title is simply perfect for what faces all of the characters.

This is not only well written but a pure pleasure to read.

Recommended reading:  please read Randy Susan Meyers’s first novel, THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTERS. This was an outstanding debut for a novelist. Personally, I cannot wait for number three!

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