Recently, there have been some interesting crimes in The Netherlands. Here are two that caught my attention:

In the small town of Velp, 90 metal manhole covers (putdeksels, as they are called in Dutch) have been stolen. The holes have had to be taped off and warning signs have been posted. Then in the town of Arnhem, 30 covers were stolen. It is believed that the covers were stolen for their valuable metal. Replacement covers will cost 35 euros a piece.

How the putdeksels were taken is beyond me, but I would guess it was at night. The thieves must have been strong, as I cannot see how they got the covers into their truck or van. Can you see them rolling down the street?

Breaking news: the police, acting on an anonymous tip, have arrested a 24 year old man for stealing 120 putdeksels. They have confiscated his car and they have not said how he managed to remove and take the heavy covers.

The second crime concerns sheep rustling. I have written many times about seeing cows everywhere. But there is a fair amount of sheep (schaap) in this country. You can drive anywhere in this country, and see sheep eating grass.

In the last two weeks, 550 sheep have been stolen from various farms. It is believed that the sheep get a good price overseas and that they have left The Netherlands. They have left the beautiful, lush green Dutch grass for new land. But here is the interesting thing—309 sheep have been found! They were located in a shed and in a field. Authorities have no idea who they belong to, so they are trying to reunite the sheep with their owners. All of the found sheep are now in quarantine and hopefully will return to their farms soon.

Who are these thieves? Could they possibly be the same ones? Could this be the work of a new Dutch gang that steals manhole covers and sheep in the same week? What would the connection be? If you want to make money off of stolen metal and some hot wool, is this the way to go about it? As far as I can see, we may be looking at two different gangs—sheep rustlers and metal robbers.

Okay, these may not be exciting crime stories but they distracted me from American politics which is stressing me out.

Recommended viewing: SHAUN THE SHEEP. This was a British tv series for children and it is now on dvd. But do not dismiss this series, as it is just perfect for adults. It is by the same studio that created Wallace and Gromit. It is very funny and it has a dense farmer, a smart dog and a group of very charming and cute sheep. It is an international hit, as NO words are ever spoken.

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  • Ria Delight Megnin  On March 28, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    This reminds me of a popular tabletop game called “Settlers of Catan.” People vie for land and control of various commodities, including stone, wood, metal and sheep! If stone walls and lumber trucks start disappearing, too, I’d tell the investigators to go check out the local gaming shop. 🙂

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