I have seen the Statue of Liberty twice in my life. In the 90’s I visited Ellis Island and saw the statue from the ferry boat, but did not go in. The very first time I saw her, I was 9 years old. My mother, sister and I were on the QEII, traveling from England to New York City. We were on deck and staring at this magnificent statue, my mother gave me a quarter and said “you are now in America”. I will never forget that moment of holding that quarter and looking at the Statue of Liberty.

For my final French post, I will share a brief story about a famous Frenchman. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was born in Colmar in 1834. He was a sculptor and his biggest claim to fame was that he designed the Statue of Liberty.

There have been rumors through the years that the face of the Statue of Liberty was modeled after Bartholdi’s mother and that the body was inspired by his wife, Jean Emilie.

The city of Colmar has many monuments and statues that were created by Bartholdi. But in a roundabout, as you enter this beautiful city, there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. I had no idea it was there, so I was quite stunned to see this. Our daughter had recently done a report on this famous statue, and you can imagine what a thrill it was for her to see it. Granted it was not the real thing and much smaller. But it is a lovely way to honor a gifted man, in his birthplace. And it is a lovely way for this American to say au revoir to France and return home, to The Netherlands.

Statue of Liberty at Colmar, France.

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  • Aledys Ver  On August 25, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    How lovely that you could visit the birthplace of the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty. I can imagine the excitement you and your daughter must’ve felt at finding this replica in Colmar!
    I guess it must be very special to arrive to the US by boat and be welcomed by this very fine lady 🙂

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