There is a Dutch fever throughout this country, have you heard about it? It starts kind of slow, but when it picks up, you need to be very careful. This fever is technically called Orange Fever and it is all about football. Football madness (this is soccer) is at an all-time high this week as the 2012 European Football Championships are starting very soon. This is like a Super Bowl with multiple teams playing for a few weeks.

There are 16 countries playing in this championship. The games will take place in Poland and the Ukraine, from June 8-July 1. The Dutch team plays their first game on June 9 and they will be playing Denmark.

Everywhere you go in this country, you see orange. There are orange t shirts, hats, suspenders, socks, masks, toys, balls and even underwear for sale. Many food products are now all about football or orange. Cookies, cereals, candy, chips and too many drinks to count are available at your local winkel. You can buy two bags of M&Ms and get a bright orange fluffy cover for your cell phone. You can get a free beach towel from ING when you open a new bank account. Heineken had half a million t-shirts made for this series, and they are also a sponsor of the games. Hey, even Pedigree dog food has orange bandanas for your dog.

Houses are decorated with orange flags, bunting and even the Dutch flag is out. If you stand too long on a street corner, I am sure that you will be wrapped in orange. I am not sure about this, but I would bet that the houseboats in the red light district of Utrecht will have some orange specials.

Why the color orange? It is all about the royals: Willem, Prince of Orange, 1533-1583. He was the leader of the revolt against the Spanish that set off the Eighty Years War. He was assassinated in Delft, by a supporter of the Spanish king. Time heals all wounds as the Dutch now love to spend their holidays in Spain.

If you don’t like the color orange, too bad. If you don’t like football, it is really too bad. This dinkie country has gone over the bend and it is fun to watch. I know that all of you in the USA will be checking the European football scores with breathless anticipation. For my sake, cross your fingers for the Dutch. It will make my life so much easier if this country won the whole shebang. And the rest of the Dutch population might be happy too.

Here are the Oompa Loompas with Willy Wonka. They obviously have the fever. Check back with me, I could be an Oompa Loompa by the end of June.

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  • jean  On June 4, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    brace yourself! it’s insane. you’ll love it. i’ve rooted and tooted for ireland and espana! have a great time!

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