THE YEAR WE LEFT HOME by Jean Thompson

Writers dream of rave reviews. They imagine strangers writing wonderful things about their work. They also wish for an audience and they can only get that IF the critics love their work. And positive word of mouth goes a very long way.

I would guess that Jean Thompson is pretty happy with the reception her novel has received. She got reviews that writers can only fantasize about. And as a reader, I am happy to say that the praise is well deserved. I read this book because the advance “buzz” on this book was so strong, I just had to get this book into my hands.

THE YEAR WE LEFT HOME spans three decades (1973-2003) of one Iowa family. The novel gives us many points of views of members of the family and so we get a great sense of each character. Thompson’s strength as a writer is taking her time to give us well developed characters. This book really is about the peeling of a glorious middle American onion.

What were the dreams of teenagers in the early 70’s? And how were they realized 30 years later? There are many personal journeys as people leave home and Iowa and then there are those who stay rooted to what is familiar. Thompson asks us what is home and what makes us feel safe and secure.

This novel reminds us that nothing is black and white, especially with family dynamics. Simply put, Thompson has given us a story to enjoy and admire. Enjoy.

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  • aledysver  On July 19, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Sounds interesting, Jane – thanks for the recommendation! 😀

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