Just a few tidbits for you all….

I wanted to give you an update on the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS post. The day after I posted that story, I was at the winkel (grocery store). I was squeezing some fruit when I heard “Jane!”

And there was a friend of a friend who I had met a few weeks ago and actually had a fabulous lunch at her home. We stood there and had a great conversation and then we both went off in different directions. It wasn’t until I got home that I truly realized what had happened and it made me smile. Oh yeah, I was smiling.

From 1982-1997, Americans were used to seeing a series of commercials for Dunkin Donuts starring Fred the Baker. We would see this little guy get up before dawn and say in a monotone voice “time to make the donuts.” This phrase became part of pop culture and was used as a way of saying that it was time to do something, not necessarily the making of donuts. 

Okay, I am now living with three Dutch people, they like to be called Nederlanders, by the way. Each morning I make all of the breakfasts and lunches—and every one of them is different. On this one day, with my eyes barely open, I shuffled down the hall to the kitchen and  said “time to make the donuts” as any good American would do. I heard this gasp behind me and there were two children looking at me with awe and glee. “You are going to make donuts?!!” They thought they had won the golden ticket with me. This cute and charming American could actually make donuts. What a bonus, this was more than they dreamed of. I had to break the news to them and explain what that saying meant and that there would be no donuts for breakfast. This is just a friendly warning to anyone traveling to another country, be careful what you say. People may have expectations that you simply cannot meet. I am many things, but I am not a donut maker.

I also wanted to share some news about this blog. There is going to be a new feature called Jane’s Boekentips which means Jane’s Booktips. I will doing book reviews and I am very excited to getting back to what I love. These will mainly be books that are published inEngland andAmerica. And hopefully they will be translated in Dutch someday.

Time to read a book….

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